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Read below and see for yourself what everyone is saying about The Thrasher House EVO series! 

Mr. Alan Kahn
Author of The Speed Bag Bible

As the Author of The Speed Bag Bible, I can tell you that the EVO ball hook has a fast, pure and perfect rebound! The Thrasher House ball and hook swivels are an ingenious throw back to the earliest original rope swivels in speed bag history, that give the purest rebound because there is no "swivel mechanics" or materials to influence the bag movement. The EVO models also add the extra functionality to adjust the rebound arc by the addition of the rope length customizer or, t-hook. With the t-hook, you can adjust the length of the bag hang and make it longer to increase the rebound arc to slow the bag down, or shortening the rebound arc to make the bag movement faster. No other swivel available allows for this customization. This makes it perfect for a beginner to learn at a slower speed and with time, shorten the arc to increase speed. In the past, we baggers could only do this by changing from larger, slower bags to smaller, faster bags. That is no longer necessary with the EVO swivel! You just need ONE bag (save money) and adjust the swivel arc range for your skill level...Brilliant! A great addition to your speed bag functionality and highly regarded by many of the worlds top speed baggers!

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