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This page will give you important information about how we package our swivels, international shipping tips, JB speed ball PSI recommendation, as well as, a list of the customization options we provide. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions for us -



We get numerous questions about shipping. We have highlighted the most asked questions and concerns.

U.S.A. Shipping:

USPS Priority is the most common form of shipping in the domestic USA. We have noticed that UPS 3 day, if order placed early weekdays, arrives in 3-4 days. If order is placed after Thursday then UPS 3 day will not arrive until the following week making USPS the fastest option.

Hawaii & outlying islands:

USPS Priority prices are the same. If wanting to use UPS, please note that the prices listed are not applicable. We cannot list these territories as separate shipping costs. You will receive an email after your order asking to pay the extra cost or switch to USPS with a refund of the difference. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Delivery Instructions:

We cannot add delivery instructions to your orders. (Ex. Deliver Mon - Fri 8-5 at the back door) This is the receivers responsibility. For UPS call (800) 742-5877 or go to 

Shipping to Canada:

Canada has strict duties and taxes that you have to pay for any shipment over CAN$20. This applies to gifts, as well.  THESE EXTRA FEES ARE OUT OF OUR CONTROL AND THE LAW OF YOUR COUNTRY. 

Shipping to the E.U.

USPS can take up to 6 weeks to arrive but is the cheapest option. Just be aware of the extra time to arrive. UPS is quicker and DHL is the fastest. 

There will be duties and taxes for most of these orders. THESE EXTRA FEES ARE OUT OF OUR CONTROL AND THE LAW OF YOUR COUNTRY. 

Your country/territory isn't listed:

If your country isn't listed in our loaded shipping cost calculator it does not mean that we do not ship to you! Reach out and let us know your address and we will gladly add your territory to our ever growing list of countries we ship to, and give you the estimated shipping costs before you place your order!


Each swivel is packaged in a signed box that is used for shipping and storing your swivel. Jeff personally handwrites a note in this box to every buyer. If you are purchasing a swivel for a someone else other than the name on the address label, please take a moment to let us know in the notes at checkout. Just let us know, this swivel is for .... Then we can write the note to the correct person. 

Included with every swivel order:

  • your swivel choice, engraved with the date it was made, serial number and signature

  • your core ball choice

  • your t-hook choice

  • 4 screws if you choose to have them included

  • stickers

  • business card (feel free to give away to a future customer!)

  • card with barcode to view how to install and business card information on the other side.

  • signed box for storing swivel

Delivery Service


  • The Jim Bradley speed balls are made with soft leather. We recommend

filling them up at around 3.5 PSI. 

  • The bladders are not glued to the balls. This makes for an easy change if you need to replace one.

  • Every leather order is different. We do not always get the same ball colors from a previous order. 

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